Qualified Personal Trainer.

I pride myself on helping clients build a solid foundation and improving all levels of fitness through training and nutrition. I believe in keeping it simple, getting back to basics and working your way up. The decision to hire a personal trainer is an empowering one. Putting a dedicated fitness expert in your corner can help you with expertise and support for devising a smart workout strategy, overcoming emotional and physical roadblocks, and getting the real results you’re after. Whether you’re new to exercise or you’ve been working out on your own for a long time, using a personal trainer is a smart investment that can give you that extra nudge.


I see training and being healthy as a lifestyle. That’s why I incorporate fitness in everyday life. It is more than looking good. It’s feeling good on both the inside and outside. I’ve always had passion for becoming a better version of myself. Starting with my own health and fitness in my early 20’s I discovered the joy of helping people. As a personal trainer I am helping others becoming better, healthier and happier versions of themselves. I literally put smiles on their faces! Positivity like this is contagious, so not only I feel satisfied and rewarded by my work, but I also feel happier too. We only have one life. Why not make the most of it?

What can I expect from training with you?

When you hire a personal trainer you’ll accelerate the process, but a trainer isn’t a magic pill. The results you’ll see depend on the time invested per week, how
coach-able you are and the goals themselves. I can help you with:

• Fat loss
• Toning and shaping
• General fitness
• Building mass and strength

You will receive clear guidance and measurable
results. If you haven’t realized your fitness goals yet, my job is to help you.


Personal trainer EQF Level 4
Strength and conditioning
Fitness/gym instructor EQF Level 3
Group fitness instructor EQF Level 3
Kettlebell instructor
TRX instructor
Les Mills Body Pump
Les Mills Body Combat, Body Attack, GRIT
Aqua aerobics

What are you waiting for ?

Personal training will help you focus on results and create a plan that will help you get maximum results in a minimum time. Personal training can even help you if you have hit a training plateau; it really is the perfect solution for you. I will jump start your motivation, but also tailor you with the perfect routine.

Get stronger
Get Faster
Get Fitter
Get Rewarded
Improve your health