DO: Stock up on healthy snacks and fresh produce. Put these full-filling nibbles conveniently within reach. Make them the fastest, easiest option to ward off hunger. Mix sweet and savory for a multi-craving buster.

TIP: Create your own Halloween trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, unbuttered popcorn, mini-pretzels. Throw in a small handful of chocolate for the right ratio of one part festive to five parts healthy.

DO: Plan a quick and healthy Halloween dinner. Regardless of which side of the door you are on, once twilight sets, you’ll be busy. It is hard to sit down to a full meal, but there are alternatives besides fast food.

TIP: Set out a buffet of fresh veggie sticks, cheese chunks, whole wheat crackers, and fruit. They can be pulled out of the fridge later in the night, you know, in case any little candy hunters claim “hunger.”

On Halloween

DO: Manage to fit in a workout. It is probably a busier day than usual. Power through, knowing if you sneak in treats of your own, it is only one part of your otherwise healthy day.

DO: Keep moving. As you wait for trick-or-treaters, walk in place, do some stretches, crunches, or squats. Dash to the door and back. Climb the stairs.


DO: Get back on track and stick with your healthy routine. You may have completely lost your resolve on Halloween, but don’t let that turn into a week long binge.

Throw yourself full force into your fitness routine. Get back on the bike and cycle. Cook up a flavorful, healthy meal. One junk day is not a catastrophe. It does not signal upcoming bouts of dietary and fitness abandon.

Sourced: Fitness and Wellness News