Many people don’t make the most of their gym membership because they struggle to find time to go to the gym. However, having a gym membership should be regarded as an investment for your health and fitness, and even the most time-starved individual should be able to fit in regular visits to their local gym.


Make going to the gym a priority and you’ll soon find time to fit it into your hectic schedule. Get into a regular routine, schedule it in your diary, and you’ll quickly find you stick to your gym visits.

Identify time wasters

Look at areas of your life where you don’t make the best use of your time, and get more organized, so you have more free time to spend down the gym. Pack your gym bag the night before you go, so that you’re ready to grab it in time for your session.

Avoid pressure tactics

If you put pressure on yourself to spend hours at the gym, you’ll find every excuse possible to avoid going. Instead, focus on attending short, regular sessions, without putting pressure on yourself. 1escape gym in Dublin, for example, advocates a one-hour philosophy of gym sessions, which is achievable for even those with a jam-packed diary.


Can’t find time to hit the gym because your social calendar is too hectic? Why not team up with a buddy or two and meet them down the gym instead of at the wine bar? Working out together is fun and a great motivator for achieving health and fitness goals.

More than weights

There are many misconceptions about gyms. The fear of feeling intimidated can put a lot of people off, whilst the thought of lifting weights may be enough to keep the dust gathering on your gym membership card. Yet, gyms are very diverse environments, catering for people of every ability, and offering a wide range of classes, facilities, and courses, so if you don’t want to go near a dumbbell, you really don’t have to. In fact, relaxation is as much a part of a gym session as working out.

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