Fatloss simplified, tips to make your weightloss journey easier

Ever wondered what is the best workout/diet to follow for fat loss? If you follow the top 10 tips below you cannot fail. These are the fundamentals to having fat loss simplified.

1. Lift weights

Don’t just do Cardio to lose weight? Resistance training gives you a metabolic spike for an hour after your workout. As your body is requiring more oxygen you will be burning off another 25% even after you finish the workout. However, if you are a beginner, you will lose more weight from improving your cardiovascular fitness and endurance first.

2. Do Circuits with Compound Exercises

Compound exercises that use at least two joints such as squats, bench presses, chin-ups, and deadlifts require more of your body’s musculature & will require more energy. The end result is that you will burn fat. Perform these in a circuit and you will accelerate your body’s fat burning ability!

3. Use shorter rest periods

Aim for a rest period of 10-30s between exercises. If you are new to training start off with 60 seconds. Each workout reduces the rest period to each set by 10s by keeping the weight and reps constant.

4. Do more sets

If you are used to doing the standard the 3 sets of 10, pick the first two compound exercises in your routine and try adding more sets. The more work your body does, the more energy it will need to recover & the more fat you will burn. Overtrain and you will actually gain weight. Pro tip: when you cannot lift at least 50% on what you started out with lifting, you have performed enough sets.

5. Sprinting

Sprinting in short bursts is proven tirelessly by science that it better for fat loss. Try 8 rounds of 20-second sprints with a 10-second rest at the end of your workout. Science has proven high-intensity interval training is more effective any day of endurance training such as jogging.

6. Get at least 7 hours of sleep

Personal Trainer and fitness expert Mick Finglas from Dublin’s Icon Health Club say’s, “Easiest way to burn fat is to sleep more!” Not getting enough sleep increases your stress hormone cortisol which can decrease your productivity in work, but more importantly drastically decreases your fat burning ability irrelevant of diet and exercise!

7. Drink more water

Being dehydrated will hamper your fat burning ability and make you hungry! Stop your hunger, burn more fat and get leaner by drinking enough water.
Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water throughout the day. Try using small cups when drinking the water, to encourage you to get up more frequently.

8. Eat more protein and vegetables

Feel fuller for longer, increase your metabolism and burn more fat by eating more protein. Double your portions of organic meats, eggs, and fish with green vegetables and you will find you will have no room for anything else! But if your Vegan and struggle to increase protein in your diet, no problem, there are various vegan protein powders which you can supplement your diet to increase your protein intake.

9. Remove sugar from your diet

This is by far the best fat burning tip of them all, remove this from your diet and not only will your waistline thank you but also your health.

10. Finish Something

With any fat loss training program you read or diet you try, once they have the fundamentals above you will burn fat. The hardest part is not giving up. When you start something to forget about how much fat you are losing, finish something and let other people tell you how much fat you have lost! For more help and advice don’t forget to book in with our friendly personal trainers to make your fat loss journey easier!

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