Milon ME – Simply A Better Workout 

Starting 05/10/17, you’ll be the first to have the chance to test the new milon ME app from our circuit equipment manufacturer milon. The app makes it even easier for you to view your personal training data, anytime and anywhere. Track your training data and results with milon ME – the app for anyone doing milon circuit training. Milon ME is your new training platform – whether you’re at a customer terminal at the gym or in the comfort of your own home. Activating the app is extremely simple: just log in to the milon terminal at your gym and go to “Get the milon ME app now.” Open the app on your mobile device and scan the QR code on the customer terminal. And you’re ready to go!


• INFORMATION: review your training plan and learn the correct way to do the exercises it includes

• TRACK YOUR TRAINING: the app automatically documents your training performance on milon training equipment, and you can track all of the other exercises in your training plan yourself

• ANALYZE YOUR TRAINING PERFORMANCE: view detailed statistics on your training so you can monitor your training progress

• BALANCE YOUR TRAINING: use the evaluations of your muscle groups to check whether there is a balanced ratio between the muscles you are training.

• GET MOTIVATED: compare your training performance with other people of the same age or who are training at the same gym as well

• STAY IN CONTACT WITH YOUR GYM 24/7: the milon ME app lets you read gym news, take part in surveys, and get personal messages from your trainer

• LET YOUR TRAINER KNOW HOW YOU’RE DOING: give us direct feedback on what you think
Make an appointment with your favorite trainer and get an introduction to how you can give your motivation a big boost and achieve training success with the milon ME app. Your trainer looks forward to seeing you at the gym.

National Fitness Day 2017

To celebrate National Fitness Day 2017 on 29/09/17 we had an open day with extra classes running throughout the day. The aim of the day was to promote exercise and activity to all members of the community. We had a live DJ, outdoor Bootcamp and Les Mills classes running on the day and the response was amazing with over 30 non member’s taking part in the activity as well as our members having loads of fun! Well done to all the staff and participants for running such an amazing event and we look forward to next year already!

We would also like to welcome Jessica to our team of fitness instructors. Jess has a real passion for fitness and is qualified in Les Mills BODYCOMBAT. She is currently working on our MILON Circle and will be looking after all your Milon needs. Jess is a qualified Instructor and Personal trainer with NSC. We have also added a member to our Club Care team Angela from Mexico! Angela is from the northern regions of Mexico and is studying English at them minute as well as keeping our club sparkly clean during the day! Be sure to say hi!