As a premium operator we invest in our property, people and presentation. This gives you, ‘our member’s’ the peace of mind that you are consistently getting the highest quality service and products around. Over the past month we have held numerous training days for our staff, had maintenance of our H&S equipment and also our Fitness equipment. Behind the scenes here at ICON on a monthly basis we are always working hard to keep you happy!!

Training and Development:
During May we have invested in numerous staff training days including First aid/AED, manual handling, and chemical training. We feel it is extremely important to have the most highly qualified and skilled staff so that you our member’s are provided the safest and comfortable environment to work-out in! We are also one of the only health clubs in Dublin to have an AED installed and every member of staff qualified to use it!

Emergency Lighting Maintenance:
The main function of our Emergency Lighting System is to ensure that in the event of a fire or some other event that plunges a building into darkness, the people in the building will be able to clearly and easily be able to find their way out of the building, thus ensuring that the risk of injury or loss of life is greatly reduced.

Our team of Emergency Lighting technicians have ensured that our fire Emergency Lighting system is designed and maintained to the highest safety standards – Irish Standard (IS 3217:2013), providing us with the peace of mind that ICON is protected in any event where the normal lighting systems fail. This was carried out at the start of April.

Spin Maintenance:
Here at ICON we want to keep our equipment in tip top shape. Especially with our Keiser M3 bikes we perform regular scheduled preventive maintenance to maintain your sweet ride. This month we preformed a comprehensive inspection of the overall frame and main assembly components of the group cycle bikes so that the overall performances of the bikes are consistent and of a high standard. This was carried out by our supplier and maintenance team.

Members Summer Party:
Planning has begun for our Member’s Summer Party. We are hoping that you can join us on Friday 9th of June. These events are always great fun and a fantastic chance to meet new people. The location has not yet been decided so suggestions are welcome.

Best in Health and Fitness, 
Cian Doyle
ICON Health Club Manager