Whether you’re a regular runner or new to it all, running can be difficult. Even if you’re trying to get fit, playing a sport or simply running after the kids, there are so many things to consider. Are you running too fast, too slow? Strides too wide, too small? This is why we’re giving you 5 top tips on how you can correct and improve your running technique.

1. Run on the balls of your feet
When you’re running, you want the foot to be striking the surface with the ball of the foot and with the toes pointing forward (not downwards). It’s important that your heel is not touching the ground, remember to land light as your foot ‘grips and scrapes’ the surface.

2. Bend your knee
When your foot makes contact with the surface, the knee needs to be bent slightly and should come from just below your centre of gravity… just below the hips.

3. Cycle your leg
As you run, think of your leg working in a circular motion from the hip joint, meaning you bring your heel behind your body, working your hamstring and bottom. The thigh moves forward, leg extended and the foot drops again… remember to land on the ball of your foot!

4. Keep a good posture
Your hips and waist should be kept steady, avoiding a lot of side to side movement. Stand up tall, make sure your back is straight and relaxed but not bent at the waist. Your shoulders want to be relaxed with your arms bent at approximately 90 degrees with the motion coming from the shoulder, not the forearms. And finally, keep your head up looking forward, try not to look down at your feet!

5. Try to avoid
• Bouncing up and down too much
• Over striding
• Forgetting about your hamstring
• Breaking action on landing
• Not using your arms
• Twisting your stomach side to side
• Bending forward your head and upper body
• Jogging slower than you can walk

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

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