Qualified Personal Trainer.

Leon has created a training style that empowers clients with the right knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to help them achieve their fitness goals and live a healthier life. He believes that individuals should be in the right frame of mind before starting their fitness journey. So, ask yourself if you are ready to focus on YOU and become a happier, healthier and more confident YOU?


Leon is a Level 3 certified Personal Trainer based in South Dublin, who has an extensive background in fitness, gymnastics and bodybuilding. Leon has been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade with personal training experience in Ireland, England and Barbados

What can I expect from training with you?

Calisthenics (body weight training)
Fat Loss
Nutritional Advice
Muscle Gain
Overall Fitness & Health
Strength & Conditioning

If you feel like you need some help in any of these areas and/or would like a tailor made programme then don’t be shy to contact Leon or just grab him on the gym floor.


PT Academy Gym instructor Level 2
PT Academy Personal Trainer Level 3
Enhanced Kettlebell trainer
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Gymnastic Coach

Irish Bodybuilding Awards including:
2019 Muscle Contest Class Physique WINNER

What are you waiting for ?

Personal training will help you focus on results and create a plan that will help you get maximum results in a minimum time. Personal training can even help you if you have hit a training plateau; it really is the perfect solution for you. I will jump start your motivation, but also tailor you with the perfect routine.

Get stronger
Get Faster
Get Fitter
Get Rewarded
Improve your health