Qualified Personal Trainer.

Different clients have different needs, so there is no one size fits all, just keep it simple as possible, get stronger ,work on mobility, make sure to get adequate recovery and try eat healthy 80 percent of the time, try to enjoy training and don’t compare yourself to others, everyone is at different levels/stages of training.

How will personal training help me?

It will help by giving you direction, structure to your training, nutrition and recovery. If your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, sports specific training or mobility issues, personal training really helps meeting these goals by taking a tailored approach.

What is your top tip?

“I would have to say consistency would be my number one tip. That doesn’t mean going the gym 7 days a week, it just means sticking to your programme. My next tip would be to master the basic compound movements ie squat, deadlift, pull up, press ups etc and aim for perfect technique Personal training will teach you this technique which you will have for a life time.”


Diploma in Evidence based Nutrition – John Berard
ITEC Group Instructor
ITEC Level 3 Fitness Instructor ITEC Spin Instructor
ITEC Level 3 Personnal Trainer
IBAT Diploma in Sports and Exercise
Advanced TRX certified ITEC
Boxing Coach
Strength and Conditioning Coach
First Aid

What are you waiting for ?

Personal training will help you focus on results and create a plan that will help you get maximum results in a minimum time. Personal training can even help you if you have hit a training plateau; it really is the perfect solution for you. I will jump start your motivation, but also tailor you with the perfect routine.

Get stronger
Get Faster
Get Fitter
Get Rewarded
Improve your health