Kids Fitness Classes Dublin.

NOW is the time that we really need to get our young people involved in fitness. Building their confidence in fundamental movement skills and teaching them that they CAN do this, is the way to increase activity in our children.

The Dartry Health Club in Dublin have teamed up with the most exciting Irish children’s fitness provider, Rinka, winners of the ‘Best After School Activity Provider‘ in Ireland.

What is Rinka kids fitness?

It is widely accepted that children learn through play and the higher their perceived ability at a task the more likely they are to take part in it. Rinka builds it’s entire concept around these two thought processes. Together we will provide fitness in a fun filled, non competitive, non pressurised way focusing on building the confidence of each child enrolled in our kids fitness classes.

The key focus of our children’s fitness classes is to grow their confidence in movement skills and fitness so as they grow the more confident they will be to partake in sports and fitness.

Our classes will offer a variety of activities including athletics, gymnastics, movement to music and high energy drama games.  We aim to also introduce the children to healthy lifestyle choices and mindfulness.  Our kids fitness classes will appeal to children of all talents, abilities and interests and introduce fitness to them in a way that they understand and enjoy!

Help your child fall in love with fitness…

Our kids fitness classes are all-inclusive and age appropriate and focus on making fitness fun for all. We strive to offer alternatives to mainstream sports, ensuring we are helping all kids reach their physical activity requirements and not just for those who love sport already but to children who have yet to find their confidence in sports and fitness.

Each term will focus on different aspects of our curriculum and each class ranges in activity from high-energy games and athletic skills to gymnastic skills and dance and movement. Our fitness classes will ensure that your child is introduced to a range of skills and experiences. Regardless of the week however, you can be guaranteed that each and every class is full of positivity and happy vibes!

Our classes are divided into the following age groups

  • RINKA Juniors (5-8 years) starting 14th September 2021
  • RINKA Seniors (8-12 years) starting 14th September 2021