Our members overall experience and their health and safety always take top priority at The Dartry Health Club. In August we invested in the completion of the car park, the upkeep of our pool and club and we also had our White Flag Audit for 2017.

Car Park Changes
The main change to the club throughout the summer has been resurfacing of the car park and the changes to the front of the building. In August, we made the finishing touches and we hope you are as happy as we are with the end product. We have added LED lights along the border and have also replanted any of the trees which were taken up. Upon feedback that we received, we decided to change to first space on the right to a motorbike only space. There is also a small no parking section on the left. This should leave ample room for all cars when exiting the car park.

Club Maintenance
In August, we invested a large amount in the upkeep of our pool plant room. We have installed new filters and pumps. This will improve the overall circulation of the pool and keeping it clear of any debris. Our in house maintenance team have also painted the front entrance and also some of the first floor.

White Flag Audit 2017
We had our White Flag Audit for this year in the middle of August. The White Flag grades facilities’ operational standards and it is the most sought after accolade in the leisure and fitness industry. The White Flag National Quality Standard is based on the four essential areas when operating any leisure or fitness centre: Safety, Hygiene, Customer Engagement and HR. The standard is designed to encourage continuous improvement. Last year The Dartry Health Club was awarded a Bronze grade for the first this. This year we have applied for Gold Standard and will get our result later this month or in October.

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