As a premium operator we invest in our property, people and presentation. This gives you, the peace of mind that you are consistently getting the highest quality service and products around. Over the past month we have held numerous training days for our staff, continued with club maintenance and invested in new equipment. Behind the scenes here at The Dartry Health Club on a monthly basis we are always working hard to keep you happy!!
New equipment
We’ve invested in 5 new trigger point foam rollers for the stretching area. They are great way to start your workout and only take 5 – 10 minutes to use. Using a foam roller is an effective way to release muscle tension throughout the body. If you are unsure on how to use a foam roller or if you want more information on their benefits please book in with one of our trainers at reception or through our mobile app.

Staff Training
We are committed to ensuring that all our staff undergo continues training. We feel it is extremely important to have the most highly qualified and skilled staff so that you our members are provided the safest and comfortable environment to work-out in.

This month we attended training for First aid, AED, chemical training, and manual handling. In the case of an emergency our AED is available at reception.

Club Maintenance
Our club maintenance team have continued with the upkeep of the building. All of our air condoning units have had their filters cleaned. Mark has also installed new hair dryers in the male and female changing rooms to further enhance your experience.

Our pool maintenance contractor Arka have also been to the club for our quarterly visit. We take great pride in the cleanliness and high standard of our pool. We have achieved this from the work that Arka and Mark from our maintenance team have done.

Member Summer Party
Planning has begun for our Member’s Summer Party. We are hoping that you can join us on Friday 9th of June. These events are always great fun and a fantastic chance to meet new people. The location has not yet been decided so suggestions are welcome.

Best in Health and Fitness, 
The Dartry Health Club Manager

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