The heat exchanger arrived from the UK earlier this month. We spent over €10k identifying and resolving the issue and we are delighted that it has finally arrived. I’d like to thank the members for their patience and understanding during this time. We have also had our boilers services as part of our planned maintenance schedule.

Throughout the month of March we continued to improve the quality of our facilities. Following a routine safety audit we have upgraded our fire panel and all the detection devices within the building. We also performed an audit of our Emergency Lighting System to ensure that in the event of a fire or and emergency our staff and members will be able to clearly and easily find their way to the nearest emergency exit.


We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Exigo Glute ham Developer. The Exigio Glue ham Developer, is perfect for performing the glute ham raise, one of the best movement for the posterior chain, which is the lowers back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. If you’re unsure how to use this machine, please ask one of trainers on the gym floor or book in for a programme at reception.

Training Days

During March we invested in staff training days for First Aid and Fire Training. We feel it is extremely important to have the most highly qualified and skilled staff so that you, our members, are provided the safest environment to work out in! In an emergency situation you can have peace in mind that our staff are sufficiently trained to keep you safe. Further training days for Child Protection, Manual Handling and Chemical training are booked for April.

Kids Boxercise Coming Soon

The most important part about this class is the ensure it is fun, so that your children do not realise they have exercised for 45 minutes and that they want to come back week after week. Whilst the class is fun, the instructor will be teaching them hand eye coordination and also ensure that through proper technique their growing bodies are working the best and safest way possible.

One of our trainers, Dawn attended a training course in London and she is now qualified to teach these classes. We will be extending our kids class programme later in the summer with taster classes taking place towards the end of April as part of Active School Week. Please ask at reception for further details.

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