Looking for some new swimming strokes? We all know that swimming is a fantastic low impact calorie burner. But if you know what to do, you can use your time in the pool to hit those target areas you’re wanting to improve. On your next visit, why not select one of our swimming strokes below and give it a go!

Chest and Back

The front crawl is the stroke for you as it recruits the chest muscles, the lats and other back muscles. The stroke is perfect for you if you enjoy fast paced swimming as it generates the most force.
Because this exercise requires rapid movement of the arms, going from above the head to down by the sides of the body, you’ll tap into your fast-twitch muscle fibre potential, leading to improvements in speed and power.

The Lats and Hamstrings

Unsurprisingly, the Backstroke will really work your back as your Lats pull your arms beneath the water and back to the surface again.
Your hamstrings come into slightly more due to the back-down position. The muscle group propels you via the flutter kick, which helps drive the body forward.

Full Body Workout

The Breaststroke uses many different parts of your body, allowing you to build strength, power and endurance.
The arm motion has similarities to that of a frig, which builds your gluten muscles and quads.


The butterfly stroke will really kick your fat burn into high gear. This stroke is excellent for boosting your metabolism; targeting your chest, shoulders, and back; and helping to build better power and strength.
This stroke requires the arms to move forward simultaneously, then into the water and back again. Your core will scream as it keeps your body stabilized moving through the water.
This is a great stoke to perform as interval training sessions in the water. The intensity will make it easily possible.
And after all that hard work, why not visit the spa area where you can sit back and relax in the Jacuzzi, breath deeply in the steam room or take advantage of the sauna.