Here are 10 Tips to Snack Smart this Easter. We all know the temptations with all the chocolate at our finger tips, but here are ways to still enjoy Easter and the chocolate while eating smart!

1. Don’t Bulk Buy

Only buy a small amount of good quality chocolate, rather than lots of poor quality chocolate. The darker the chocolate the more antioxidants, so chocolate with 60 per cent cocoa is a good option.

2. Keep Chocolate for Dessert

Eating Easter eggs on an empty stomach will spike blood sugar levels and put you on a hunger and energy level roller coaster. Try eating Easter eggs after having a protein-based or high fibre meal.

3. Choose Wholegrain Hot Cross Buns

Wholegrain hot cross buns have more fibre, vitamins and minerals than normal ones, plus they’re more filling!

4. Sharing is Caring

If you have an abundance of chocolate, don’t leave it lying around the house to tempt you. Get rid of it ASAP!

5. Small is Smart

A big Easter bunny can have as many as 1075 calories, whereas the small hollow eggs only have about 72 calories. Go for smaller eggs and savour the flavour.

6. Stock your Fridge

Have plenty of delicious healthy foods on hand so you don’t automatically reach for the Easter eggs.

7. Try Raw Chocolate

Have you tried cacao? It’s chocolate in its raw form and is packed with antioxidants, calcium and potassium. It can be used for cooking, adding to smoothies or sprinkling on muesli.

8. Give In To Your Cravings

Easter is a special occasion and it is okay to eat some chocolate. Denying yourself if just going to result in overindulging!

9. Monitor Your Food

Stop mindless snacking over Easter by keeping a food diary.

10. Don’t Forget Exercise

Try to exercise every day over Easter to balance out the consumption of extra calories!