Barry Walsh – Founder & CEO

Barry is one of Ireland’s leading health and wellbeing entrepreneur with many business interests in the development of health and wellbeing concepts. Barry is the founder and CEO of the Iconic Health Clubs company (IHC). IHC was founded in 2006 and owns and operates three of Dublin’s premier health & fitness clubs. Based in prime locations, these clubs service a large corporate and residential populations, with their signature service model.

Barry is also the co-founder of Ireland’s only Medical Exercise company, Medfit proactive healthcare.

Barry is President of Ireland Active, the National Association for Health and Fitness centers in Ireland. Barry has served on the board for over 6 years and as President for 3 of them. Barry is also recognized internationally, and regularly presents to international peers. He is a member of the European round table for fitness club leaders, giving him access and insight to the best minds in the health and wellbeing industry.