Iconic Health Clubs Customer Service Charter.

Our organisation’s Chakra forms the basis of our Customer Service Charter and describes how we want to deliver customer service excellence to our customers.The internal energies as shown in the Chakra are supported by a series of commitments and actions we commit to delivering as explained below:


  • A culture characterised by passion, a superior member experience, a safe environment for our team and members, attract and retain the best people in the industry.
  • We strive to create and maintain a positive and constructive relationship with all our customers through courtesy and friendliness in all our interactions.
  • We respect our members right to confidentiality regarding their relationships with us.
  • We are interested in our members and their needs and how we can best help them to achieve their objectives.
  • We behave in a respectful and empathetic manner in all our interactions with both customers and colleagues.
  • This includes our commitment to adhering to and exceeding the legislative requirements of Equality and Diversity, Accessibility, Health and Safety.
  • We build cohesive working relationships with our colleagues focused on team working and co-operation between all staff members whatever their role.
  • We recognise the importance of internal customer service delivery where all staff members directly and indirectly have a positive contribution to make to our customers’ levels of satisfaction.
  • We ask that our customers help us in building relationships by abiding by the necessary rules and conditions of club membership and by respecting us as we respect them.

PASSION: Inspire – Improve – Innovate

  • We are passionate about the work we do and the services we provide.
  • We care about providing our customers with the best levels of service that are possible with the resources we have at our disposal.
  • We will take on board all comments received from members in a constructive and attentive manner with the goal of resolving all issues raised as early as possible to our members’ satisfaction.
  • We will demonstrate our passion through our behaviour which is enthusiastic and energetic at all times and consistently focused on customers’ needs.
  • We are open to new ideas and welcome change in a highly positive way by being proactive in developing and introducing new concepts that enhance the service.


  • Never lose sight of our purpose – to improve people’s lives.
  • We are dedicated to helping to improve the lives of all our customers from a Health, Fitness and Well-being perspective.
  • We will achieve this by maintaining a constant focus on customers and their needs.
  • All our staff are encouraged to seek to enhance the services we deliver on a continuous basis with our customers’ goals in mind.

AMBITION – Continuous improvement

In delivering high quality customer service we recognise the need to never stand still and to always strive to be even better. Only by a focus on continuously improving our service provision will we be able to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • We constantly seek out ways to alter our service delivery in ways that make us work smarter, not harder by questioning our current activities and practices and finding ways to improve them.
  • Our team are encouraged to be creative and innovative in their thinking so that we may find new services and further develop existing ones in ways that better the customer service experience.
  • We encourage our customers to provide us with feedback through a number of channels and we will respond promptly to all issues raised in order to increase customer satisfaction.
  • We commit to continuously maintaining and developing our facilities to the highest attainable standards within our industry.


Your health is your single greatest asset. We inspire people by helping them to achieve their goals through our training methods, programmes and philosophies. We strive to offer the ultimate personal ‘escape’ by consistently providing a high quality of service and by making each experience personal to you and your goals.


  • To inspire better quality of life, improved well-being, and the value of health and fitness in the communities we serve.
  • We have an image of the future for our customers and our staff members of improved health, fitness and well-being that brings them a feeling of happiness and a sense of achievement.
  • We aspire to be the best at what we do and to strive for improvement in what we do on a continuous basis, wherever that may take us as an organisation.


  • Build positive business relationships.
  • We connect with people on a personal and professional level recognising the need to maintain a balance between formal and informal interactions.
  • We seek to build networks of relationships between ourselves and our members and to encourage communication between individual members that may enhance their experiences and develop new professional relationships.
  • We encourage our customers and our staff members to interact and communicate with others to broaden our services.