About Iconic Health Clubs.


We have three bespoke health clubs currently operating in Ireland, each one with its own brand, personality and style, and its own combination of sophisticated facilities, classes and specialist trainers. Our Iconic Chakra forms the foundations of the culture within our three clubs. In addition each club has been designed not to fit in to a single mould but to correspond to the goals and needs of its community of members. Yet, the aim in each of our establishments is the same; to provide a place for people to improve, whether their goal is weight loss, better fitness, better nutrition or a calmer mood.

What that means is, regardless of the club you choose, you can rest assured it will be run with a focus on constant betterment and improvement. Whatever your goals or fitness levels, you’ll find the perfect atmosphere in which to do it at one of our three Irish clubs.

Iconic Health Clubs were formed to offer a higher level of service to those looking for something more than just a basic gym. It was founded on values of constant improvement and built on commitments to its community, team training and crafting long-lasting relationships with members. Though Iconic Health Clubs was started with private investment, it is now a wholly self-funded operation. This allows us to pursue our brand value with complete independence, in the way we believe is right for our members.

Every component of our fitness training methods, classes, equipment and services has been carefully considered for its purpose, effectiveness and benefit to each person.  Rather than offer a generic range of services to satisfy most peoples broad needs, we have developed our clubs to meet our members more specific needs.

Our class timetables are packed full of choice, having researched the globe to take home to Dublin the worlds best fitness classes for our members to enjoy.

The future is bright.

As a gym group operator have an image of the future for our customers and our staff members of improved health, fitness and well-being that brings them a feeling of happiness and a sense of achievement. We aspire to be the best at what we do and to strive for improvement in what we do on a continuous basis, wherever that may take us as an organisation.

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