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A company with a respected international reputation, we are trusted by members across the country to deliver superior health club concepts and facilities of the most exceptional quality. Each of our clubs is unique, yet shares the same basic principle; its a place where members of the Iconic community can come to pursue healthier bodies, healthier minds and healthier lifestyles in an atmosphere of comfort, fun and betterment.

Our story

Iconic Health Clubs were formed to offer a higher level of service to those looking for something more than just a basic gym. It was founded on values of constant improvement and built on commitments to its community, team training and crafting long-lasting relationships with members. Though Iconic was started with private investment, it is now a wholly self-funded operation. This allows us to pursue our brand value with complete independence, in the way we believe is right for our members.

Our Chakra

At Iconic, our Chakra determines how we give every last one of our customers the kind of dedicated, high level service they deserve. This powerful combination of internal energies ensures we never lose sight of our true purpose; to work in a state of constant development while always aiming to improve people’s lives.

Underlying this goal is a set of key principles that ensure we always pursue our aims in the right manner. We foster a culture in our clubs that is always passionate, always safe and always built on personal relationships as opposed to corporate hierarchies. This spirit of openness is the fuel that drives all our activities and is the thing that makes us truly unique in the modern health market.

Our clubs

Each of our clubs has its own signature brand, ensuring that it corresponds to the needs, desires and ambitions of the community in which it runs. We have three bespoke health clubs currently operating in Ireland, each one with its own personality and style, and its own combination of sophisticated facilities, classes and specialist trainers. Yet the aim in each of our establishments is the same; to provide a place for people to improve, whether their goal is weight loss, better fitness, better nutrition or a calmer mood.

Iconic is known by its members and corporate partners as a unique company, one focused upon improving at all times. Take a closer look at Our Philosophy and Our Services to find out more.

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Barry Walsh

Founder & CEO

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Ciara Lefroy

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